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Allowances: Do’s and Don’ts

So many of the parents I speak with are looking for ways to educate their children about finances. My favorite way to get the family talking about money is to create chores tied to allowances. Giving your child an allowance allows you to determine the flow of cash in your household. It is a very powerful tool – so I encourage you to use it, but use it wisely.
Tip: If chores are done well, then give the allowance, even if your child misbehaved in another way. Deal with the behavior issue with a separate response or punishment.

For more on chores check out this video

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Guanxi and Building Trust

The number one business rule in China is worth noting and understanding. It is called Guanxi. It is about the art of the relationship. No matter where you live chances are you know that relationships matter in business. So what is different? In China the relationships precede the transaction, in the west the transaction often comes first.

To thrive in China you must embrace Guanxi. It is the cultivation of business relationships- not superficial networking. One American business leader, an aerospace president, told me his approach to building Guanxi with his Chinese counterparts included long (5 or 6 hour) dinners often with several other people and lots of alcohol. He is also working to perfect his language skills to speak and understand Mandarin so he can have more personal conversations without an interpreter present. It will take him many months of this consistent behavior to start making inroads. But it is worth the investment of time and energy. After all China, despite the financial woes of the past year, is still an economic powerhouse.

In China you establish Guanxi first and then work on the deal. It doesn’t happen overnight- but by showing mutual respect and interest you can start to build Guanxi with a good first meeting.
Traveling with Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business Executive MBA program I spent two weeks learning about the business culture and climate in China. It was fascinating and there are so many other takeaways to share, but for those who want to do business with the amazing market that China is, it pays to take your time and start building some Guanxi. Whether you are looking to grow your customer base or expand your B2B network, this Chinese norm could be a useful tool for you.

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Winning Entrepreneurs

Today I am taking part in a prestigious award ceremony for entrepreneurs. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs I expect to be inspired by the stories I hear and the people I will get to know. Creating a successful business and keeping it successful is one of the most challenging career choices. The hours spent on the job are endless and vacation time, when you get it, is always a phone call away from ending prematurely.
So hats off to this year’s winners of the Philadelphia 100 award. The Philadelphia 100 has been the hallmark of entrepreneurial achievement in the region since 1988. The project, which is run by the Wharton Small Business Development Center, The Entrepreneurs’ Forum of Greater Philadelphia, and the Philadelphia Business Journal, identifies and honors the 100 fastest growing, privately held entrepreneurial companies in the Greater Philadelphia Region. Learn more about it at