Where do you find LiveWell TV?

I get this question a lot. LiveWell TV is a new network that was created by ABC-TV, linking together the second channel each owned and operated station received when broadcasters converted to digital. There is a lot of original lifestyle programming on the network, including Mary Talks Money.

But where do you find it on TV?  Thanks to the simplicity of the web, I can answer that question for everyone, no matter what timezone, with a link.  http://livewellnetwork.com/index

Scroll down to “Programming”  put in your location and you are ready to watch.

The link also brings you to LiveWell’s comprehensive website that archives all of our shows.  Just go to “shows” then “Mary Talks Money” and viola- every episode is at your fingertips!

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  1. Mary Caraccioli Says:
    March 25th, 2013 at 4:45 pm

    Hi Pat,
    You have a great memory. I interviewed my good friend Dr. Lori. She is a terrific sources for buying and selling treasures.
    Here is a link to her facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/doctorlori
    Let me know how you do!
    Thanks for writing! Mary

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