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Mary Talks Money Debuts: Where to find it

Mary Talks Money made its debut on LiveWellHD TV this past week and on WPVI-TV. I am very excited about this show for two reasons:
1)We have great information for anyone trying to improve their financial situation and we present that info in plain English!
2)The show is accessible to nearly everyone. We are over the air, on cable and FIOS in 10 markets (see list below) and available on the web to everyone (click on the link to go right to the site).

The Great Recession may be winding down, but it has changed many things permanently- which isn’t a bad thing. More isn’t always better. More credit card debt, more toxic toys, more waste in our landfills– not good. Less clutter allows us to think more clearly, to prioritize more easily. The net result of this- I believe- is that it will be easier for us to live up to our positive potential. A clear head helps you to focus- when we focus we can accomplish whatever we want. It isn’t necessarily easy- but it is possible. This is when the big ideas are born and the most amazing businesses are formed. They don’t have to be big– they just have to meet a need.

So it is in this environment that Mary Talks Money emerges. I will get the conversation started, but I need you to keep it going. Post comments here or email– let me know what is on your mind.

Where to see Mary Talks Money
New York/Tri-State Area
Over the Air — Channel 7.2
Time Warner — Channel 687
Cablevision — Channel 729
Comcast — Channel 245 (New Jersey)
Comcast — Channel 264 (Connecticut)
Verizon (New York/New Jersey) — Channel 467
Click here for complete TV schedule

Los Angeles/Southern California
Over the Air — Channel 7.2
Charter — Channel 753
Cox — Channel 796
Time Warner — Channel 445
Verizon — Channel 467
Champion — TBD
Click here for complete TV schedule

Over the Air — Channel 7.2
Comcast — Channel 217
RCN — Channel 618
Wide Open West — Channel TBD
Click here for complete TV schedule

Philadelphia/Delware Valley
Over the Air — Channel 6.2
Comcast — Channel 245
Verizon — Channel 466
Click here for complete TV schedule

San Francisco/Bay Area
Over the Air — Channel 7.2
Comcast — Channel 715
Click here for complete TV schedule

Houston, Texas
Over the Air — Channel 13.2
Comcast — Channel 685
Click here for complete TV schedule

Over the Air — Channel 11.2
Time Warner — Channel 212
Click here for complete TV schedule

Fresno, Calif.
Over the Air — Channel 30.2
Comcast — HD Channel 909
Click here for complete TV schedule

Flint, Michigan
Over the Air — Channel 12.2
Comcast — Channel 246
Charter — Channel 430
TVC — Channel 136
Click here for complete TV schedule

Toledo, Ohio
Over the Air — Channel 13.2
Buckeye — Channel 614
Click here for complete TV schedule

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2 Responses to “Mary Talks Money Debuts: Where to find it”

  1. Sal Says:
    January 18th, 2010 at 6:41 pm

    Watching it now in NY, great show. Bravo Mary! I love this station too!

  2. Mary Says:
    January 20th, 2010 at 8:56 am

    Thanks Sal!! I really appreciate that you made the effort to tune in!!!
    Hope all is well with the best web guy on the planet 🙂

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