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Take the Money Confidante Quiz: How Financially Healthy is your Relationship?

It’s time to find out just how financially healthy your relationship is and so to make the diagnosis less painful I’ve put together a fun quiz that’ll get to the truth without exerting too much effort along the way!

So what are you waiting for – dive on in…

1) You’ve recently opened a joint account with your partner but without meaning to you find yourself buying a couple of things above and beyond the stipulated ‘house-hold expenses.’ You:

a) Set up camp at the mail box until the account statement comes through, destroy all evidence of your indiscretions and deny all knowledge of the arrival of the statement when asked about it by your spouse.

b) Stand your ground – a new pair of shoes and bottle of designer perfume are absolutely a household expense!  Then maintain a hurt and disgruntled facade until you wheedle an apology out of him = tables successfully turned!

c) Return the items and buy them with your own personal credit card – after all that’s what it’s for and those shoes are certainly not for sharing.

d) Would never get yourself into such a ridiculous situation! Besides your partner deals with the joint account, you’re barely even aware of its existence.

2) You’ve recently been given a pay rise at work.  You:

a) Keep it to yourself – Yesssss!! Extra money that you can spend however you wish and no one will ever know…

b) Tell your partner the raise is half what it really is and use the extra for special ‘me treats’ and you know, the occasional gift for him – if it’s on sale!

c) Rush home to share the good news with your man with a celebratory bottle of wine in hand.  Then discuss how the increase in pay will affect you both and make some plans.

d) Refuse the raise – this would mean you’d be earning more than your partner and that just doesn’t sit well with either of you.

3) You and your partner decide to move in together.  Since you already own your apartment and he’s renting, it makes sense that you live together at your place.  Your partner proposes buying into the ownership of the apartment.  You:

a) Freak out and order him out!  This is your place and you want to keep it that way besides he’s only been here a couple of days and is already making a mess!

b) Smoothly deflect the topic.  You’re quite happy keeping the apartment as just yours for now but don’t want to hurt his feelings – so you’ll just see how many ways you can come up with to avoid discussing it.

c) Hear him out, this actually sounds like quite a good idea but first you want to fully discuss what this means – not just financially but for the future of your relationship too.

d) Agree whole-heartedly then ask him to deal with the situation from here on out – if he can just let you know where to sign that’d be great!

4) Your partner is significantly wealthier than you are and suggests that drawing up a prenup could be an option.  You:

a) Are appalled!  Is this all because you sneakily had a glance at his checkbook the other day?!  He should really trust you more – so what if you’ve already considered giving up work as soon as the wedding’s over!

b) You sulk until he decides to drop the idea to placate you.  It’s not like you’ll need one anyway – you’re in this for the long haul.

c) Properly discuss his reasons for suggesting one and be sure to give your honest feedback on the topic – if you are open and communicate now, then even if there is a prenup it’ll never have to be used.

d) Immediately agree –if that’s what he thinks is right then absolutely you should go along with it, oh and please let’s not discuss money again thank you very much.

5) You and your husband are starting to put aside money to send your kids to college but it’s all turning out to be a lot more than you’d anticipated.  You:

a) Call a halt to all proceedings – this is surely something to be dealt with far further down the line!

b) Tell your partner that you’re not willing to struggle saving that much money each month!  He can choose his favorite kid and they’ll go to college.

c) Decide between you a practical and affordable approach to saving and make sure you are both on the same page regarding your family’s future.

d) Ask your husband to come up with a solution – is there really any need for you to be involved?  You’ll go along with whatever plans he puts forward.

Mostly As – I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you don’t need me to tell you there’s problems in your relationship!  Your selfish and secretive approach to money matters in the relationship more than likely carries over into other areas – this doesn’t bode well for the chances of a happy and healthy future together.  Consider why it is you feel compelled to act this way?  Perhaps you two just aren’t compatible and going your separate ways now might be the most painless option.

Mostly Bs – I’ll give you this much – you know your partner very well.  But, using this knowledge to your advantage, ensuring you always get what you want out of the relationship is frankly manipulative.  Although you often act to protect his feelings the lack of honesty in your relationship is only going to cause problems.  If you don’t starting owning up to your mistakes and sharing your honest opinions, the relationship is going to be over before you can say ‘but I bought you one too!’

Mostly Cs – Very impressive.  Your grounded and mature approach to the relationship keeps everything moving in the right direction.  As long as you continue to talk things out and each contribute fairly to financial decisions you’ll be sipping Martinis on your porch long into retirement.

Mostly Ds – Yikes!  Maybe your relationship seems perfectly healthy on the surface and perhaps things actually work for you this way, but your attitude towards money is verging on dangerous.  By burying your head in the sand at the very mention of a gas and electric bill you’re effectively diminishing your role in the entire relationship.  This is a partnership in which you should both equally contribute.  By taking a back seat not only do you dump a lot of stress on your partner and offer him no assistance in dealing with it, you also leave yourself vulnerable and unprepared should the relationship come to an untimely and unexpected end.  Push yourself to become more involved in the finances of your life together – I promise it won’t be nearly as scary as you think!

Which category did you find yourself in?  Let me know in the comments section below.

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