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Take the Money Confidante Quiz: What Does Your Spending Style Say About You?

Take my quiz and find out how your spending habits reflect your personality!

1. It’s the end of the month and there’s that big office night out everyone has being talking about.  You pass your favorite store on your way home and see the most perfect pair of shoes for your outfit in the window.  You:

a) Whip out the credit card: you must have them and can worry about paying for them next month!

b) Dip into your emergency savings fund – what?  Having nothing to wear on your feet is most definitely an emergency!

c) Sigh, pop them back on the shelf and head home to ransack your closet for an old pair that will do.

d) Cancel the whole night – you really shouldn’t be wasting money going out anyway, who knows when you might run into financial strife.

2.  You’re out to lunch with your best girlfriend, when the check comes your friend is short.  You:

a) Wave her off, lunch is on you!  You just got a new credit card with excellent rewards – so no worries.

b) Let her pay what she can and you cover the rest – what’s a few bucks between friends?!

c) Pay for her for now, but next time you hang out politely ask that she reimburse you.

d) Insist she must be able to cover it somehow – doesn’t she have a credit card she can use?  If not, you march her to the closest ATM on leaving the restaurant – hey you’re not a bank, why should you fork out loans?

3.  You pop into your local department store to pick up some of that pricey moisturizer you can’t live without.  When you get there it’s on offer: Buy 2 get 1 free!  You:

a) Snap up that offer!  Then throw in some nice cleansing lotion and make-up remover to boot – hey you’re saving money on the moisturizer after all.

b) Go for it – you’d be silly to pass up this chance, plus you’ll use it all eventually and won’t have to spend money on it for months – it’s an investment really!

c) Just grab the one tub – it’s only a bargain if you really need it and you can make this tub last for months!

d) Change your mind completely and head to your nearest drug store for their cheaper store brand!  Did you go temporarily crazy last month when you thought that tiny tub was worth that price?!

4. You’ve finally found a babysitter and head out to enjoy date night with your hubby.  You’re at the restaurant and it’s time to order dessert, but you can’t decide between the cheesecake and tiramisu.  You:

a) Order both! What the heck, you’ve had a hard week with work and the kids – you deserve it.

b) Opt for the tiramisu and convince your husband he wants the cheesecake.  Duh, sharing is so romantic – and more importantly, now you can have both!

c) Go for the cheesecake, you can always try the tiramisu next time.

d) Decline both, it’s really not necessary – you’re already pretty full and you can save that money for something for the kids.

5. You’re at a friend’s enjoying a glass of wine, when you notice her new designer Turkish rug and are instantly envious!  You:

a) Ask her where she got it and rush home to order one too!  Now you’ve seen how good hers looks, your living room will just look so bare without one.

b) Start saving for one too – if she can have one why can’t you?  Maybe you don’t quite have the space for it but you can move things around!

c) Browse online for a cheaper equivalent – who needs the real deal when you can fake it for less?

d) Taunt that ugly rug in your head!  Who would want such a ostentatious show of wealth?  Not you – you’re quite happy with your hardwood floors thank you very much.

Now that you’ve (honestly) answered the questions, find out what your behavior in certain situations says about you:

If you answered:

Mostly As: Uhoh!  Your spending is out of control…You’re flippant with money and impulsive –which isn’t always a bad thing – but it will lead you into trouble if you don’t curb your impulses every once in a while!  Try little things, like when you see something you must have, resist the temptation to buy it straight away.  If you go home and think about it for a while you might find you lose interest and that item which seemed so imperative you own a couple of hours ago is no longer quite so necessary!

Mostly Bs: You’re generous with money and creative when it comes to getting what you want but be careful – giving into temptation and trying to keep up with those around you won’t necessarily lead to happiness.  Take time to consider what you really want and need in life, finding inner satisfaction will leave you feeling much more content and seeing things much more clearly.  In turn, you’ll make wiser decisions.

Mostly Cs: You go girl!  Your practical head is often in play but you still allow yourself to indulge and have fun without breaking the bank.  There may be times when you could loosen the purse strings a tad but for the most part you make the right decisions when it comes to spending and have a savvy money mindset.

Mostly Ds: Oh dear…so maybe being frugal is a good thing but there is also such a thing as just being plain cheap!  You might end up with a hefty retirement fund but if it’s at the expense of living your life now, it could be time to rethink the plan.  Plus if you can’t spend your money being social you may find yourself alone with all that dosh in later life.  By all means save where you can and spend sensibly, but don’t forget to have a bit of fun too – after all you can’t take it with you when you go!

Which category did you find yourself in?  Let me know in the comments section below.

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5 Responses to “Take the Money Confidante Quiz: What Does Your Spending Style Say About You?”

  1. Annie K Says:
    October 3rd, 2012 at 3:35 pm

    Fun quiz – I got mostly B’s. Pretty accurate!

  2. Kathryn Says:
    October 3rd, 2012 at 5:13 pm

    Lot of fun – mostly Cs – which is good I guess.

  3. Charlotte Says:
    October 5th, 2012 at 2:48 pm

    Uh oh I’m mostly A’s… think I will have to rethink my spending!

  4. Alice Scott Says:
    October 7th, 2012 at 4:42 am

    Mostly Bs – enjoyed doing your quiz!

  5. Mary Caraccioli Says:
    October 29th, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    Charlotte- thanks for taking the quiz and know that when you understand your money personality you can make better decisions. Thanks for visiting the site!

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